Rare Pictures From The Vietnam War

North Vietnamese woman militia passes downed B 52 bomber
A North Vietnamese militia fighter girl smiles triumphantly as she passes by a downed American B 52 bomber.

South Vietnam soldiers Xuan Loc 1975 last victory
Last days: South Vietnamese enjoy their momentary victory as they beat off a North Vietnamese attack  at Xuan Loc in 1975.

Vietcong fighter fire thrower American soldiers
A Vietcong fighter uses a flame-thrower against American troops

Hanoi Hilton American POW prison
"The Hanoi Hilton". The North Vietnamese prison for American POW in Hanoi.

South Vietnamese oil depot burning NVA attack
A South Vietnamese oil depot burns after an attack by the NVA in the dying moments of the Vietnam War

American pilots captured Hanoi Hilton
Glum American POW at the "Hanoi Hilton"

South Vietnam soldiers interrogates Vietcong prisoner
A South Vietnamese Army soldier threatens a Vietcong prisoner to prise some information out of him

North Vietnam militia escorts American prisoner bullock cart
North Vietnamese militia  escort an injured American prisoner in a cart

In total, between 1965 and 1973, 312,853 South Korean soldiers fought in Vietnam; Vietnam's Ministry of Culture and Communications estimated they killed 41,400 North Vietnamese Army soldiers and 5,000 civilians. South Korean troops were hampered by their lack of command of any of the major languages in the country or among their allies. They were also accused of war atrocities, and are known to have left behind thousands of children of mixed Korean and Vietnamese descent.-------------------------------------------------
A South Korean Soldier in Vietnam....

Kim Young Man fought alongside U.S. troops in Vietnam. While American forces provided artillery backup, Korean soldiers like Kim were stationed on the front lines. His job was to keep allied forces alive by killing as many of the enemy as possible. 

Today, interviewed by telephone, Kim struggles to talk about killing Vietnamese during the battle.

"War is not a game," he says. "We fought. We killed people, what else should I say?" Kim speaks softly, gets choked up, breaks off the conversation several times and then calls back.

Living with decades of guilt, Kim says it took him a long time to admit Korean soldiers had massacred thousands of Vietnamese, including civilians.

"We had the pride of joining the war for a long time," says Kim. "That's why most veterans exaggerate or boast the Vietnam War experience rather than reflect that war is fundamentally wrong and we did something wrong there."

Vietnamese-Korean mixed children

The fathers include both members of the South Korean military and Korean workers who were stationed in Vietnam during the War. The children were usually abandoned by their fathers. South Koreans kidnapped young Vietnamese girls to sell them as a "Comfort Women" or also known as "Lai Daihan" or "Sex Slaves". The Viet Cong registered a complaint during the war that South Koreans were abducting and raping large numbers of Vietnamese women.

South Korean soldier White Horse Division Bong Son
A South Korean soldier (White Horse Division) in an attack north of Bong Son with the wife and family of a suspected Viet Cong 
 Koo Soo-jung, a graduate student in a Vietnamese university, reported  that she had uncovered verifiable proof of Korean soldiers' human rights atrocities on Vietnamese civilian population during the Vietnamese War. She had dug government documents, searched official archives, met the victim's relatives and survivors, and recorded their testimony.

South Korean troops destroy Vietnamese village Bong Son
Troops from South Korea level a village in Bong Son

South Korean military headquarters Ninh Hoa Vietnam
South Korean military headquarters - Ninh Hoa, Vietnam

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