VIETNAM WAR: Vietcong Tried To Entice American Soldiers To Cross Over

A little known episode of the Vietnam War is the attempts by the Vietcong to convince American soldiers to come over to their side by offering money and women. The motive? To learn about the American Army training methods.

Vietcong propaganda posters targeting American soldiers Vietnam War
 The basic message of these leaflets is, "Hey, American! This girl and $ 10,000 in cash. Live in comfort in Europe or Asia. You do not have to fight their own people. We need to cooperate with you, that you have trained. You can get some extra money, if you will help us to train or participate in intelligence programs."
North Vietnamese posters  girls money inducement

Vietcong pamphlet offer girls easy money

Posters offer  girl 10000 dollar reward American soldiers

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