Rare Stunning Images Of The Tet Offensive

We have mainly seen images of the Tet Offensive shot by Americans; hence an American tint comes in. Presented below are some images taken by a Japanese lens man, Ishikawa Bunyo. They capture the drama of the critical period of history; a view not American.

The term "Tet offensive" usually refers to the January–February 1968 NLF offensive, but it can also include the so-called "mini-Tet" offensives that took place in May and August.

Tet Offensive Photos Japanese war photographer Ishikawa Bunyo

Main Tet Offensive Jan-Feb 1968 Areas affected South Vietnam
The Main Tet Offensive Jan-Feb 1968

Mini Tet Offensive May 1968 Map
Mini Tet Offensive in May 1968

South Vietnamese soldiers with killed Vietcong guerrilla
ARVN soldiers Vietcong prisoner Tet Offensive Dakao May 1968
South Vietnamese soldiers with Vietcong prisoners during the Tet Offensive. Dakao. May 1968

Prisoners treated brutally South Vietnam Army captured Vietcong fighter
South Vietnamese with a frightened Vietcong prisoners. Both the Communists and the South Vietnamese fighters  treated prisoners brutally. Threw the Geneva Conventions rule-book out of the window
South Vietnamese soldiers in action. May 5 1968
South Vietnamese soldiers in action. May 5, 1968
Saigon 1968
Saigon. 1968

Vietnamese people flee from the fighting
In any war, the civilians suffer the most. Vietnamese people flee from the fighting
 1st ARVN Abn Div soldiers near French National Cemtery
A member of the 7th ABn. Bn, 1st ARVN Abn Div, takes up his position near the wall of the French National Cemetery.

Dead Vietcong fighters
Dead Vietcong fighters
American soldier shields Vietnamese children from  firing
This American soldier shields these Vietnamese children from the firing

Scenes Tet Offensive Saigon

South Vietnam soldiers Vietcong fighter captured

Image Source
These images On Flickr

Chien Tranh Giai Phong Viet Nam 
 466 pp.
Text entirely in Japanese. Riveting documentary images of the Vietnam War, many in color, shot over the course of the war, with some images from other, earlier books. A comprehensive survey seen from a non-American perspective.
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