Rare Images From Stalingrad: 1942-43: Initial Stages

Here are images from the Battle of Stalingrad in the early stages when the Germans were sure of eventual victory and the Russians were fighting desperately to maintain their tenuous foothold.

Germans watch soviet position bombarded
German soldiers watch as Soviet positions are bombarded. 1942 (Apiimages)



german soldiers graveyard stalingrad
An eerie sight. A cemetery for German soldiers in the Stalingrad area


German warplanes soviet ferries river volga
No. This is not a scene from the Hollywood film, "Enemy At The Gates." This is Stalingrad in 1942. The Russians are ferrying men and supplies into the city by boat over the Volga. The Luftwaffe bombers are hammering them. Crossing the river was very hazardous.
German bombers strafe Stalingrad
As the German Sixth Army moved in, Richthofen's boys of the Luftwaffe pulverised Stalingrad into bits. Later that bombing went against the Germans, as the Russians used the ruins to fight a city guerrilla warfare for which the Germans were not prepared.

German soldiers after the surrender on February 2, 1943.

city destroyed
This is what a once bustling city was reduced to by the Battle of Stalingrad.

Russian soldiers swim volga
Russians crossing the River Volga as the German planes hunt them.
Graves of dead German soldiers in Stalingrad
Germans destroyed T-34 tank
Stalingrad, autumn 1942. German soldiers besides a Russian T-34 tank (Bundesarchiv)
pak-38 gun
German soldiers bring a Pak-38 anti-tank gun to the battle-field
6th army enroute stalingrad
Men of the German Sixth Army on the way to Stalingrad
walking ruins
German soldiers walk on the streets of Stalingrad (bpkgate.picturemaxx.com)

Germans fire a Pak-38 anti-tank gun (ullsteinbild.de)
A German soldier on the eastern bank of the Don with a MG-34 machine gun during the attack on Stalingrad. (Stalingrad - Eine Chronik in Bildern)
German soldiers drink water in Stalingrad  (Stalingrad - Eine Chronik in Bildern)
Mark 4 panzer attacks
A German Panzer 4 tank in an attack position (bpkgate.picturemaxx.com)
German soldiers pose with a destroyed Soviet T-26 tank with a dead Russian soldier
German tanks at Stalingrad. September 1942
Soviet soldiers captured german sniper
Stalingrad 1942. Soviet soldiers capture a German sniper. The poor guy is in a bad shape. Stalingrad was a rough place to be in.
389th division red october factory
German soldiers of the 389th Infantry Division at the :Red October" factory
August 1942. Stalingrad burns after the furious bombing by Richthofen's Luftwaffe.  In the foreground is the famous "Children dance" fountain  Notice the balloons in the sky to thwart the Luftwaffe bombers 

german officers briefs men
A German officer briefs his men  from the 389th infantry division before a mission
A German officer with a Soviet PPSh-41 sub-machine gun
soviet pow stalingrad
Long before the tragedy. Soviet soldiers captured by the Germans in Stalingrad.
nikita khrushchev stalingrad
Nikita Khrushchev, member of the Military Council with Soviet commanders in Stalingrad

German soldiers with a MG 34 machine gun ready to assault a Soviet position in Stalingrad

German fighter planes stalingrad
German fighters on way to Stalingrad

Alexander Rodimtsev top Russian commander
Alexander Rodimtsev, a top Soviet commander in Stalingrad

Benno Wundshammer German journalist
Benno Wundshammer, the famous German journalist and photographer with German officers at Stalingrad

Germans interrogate soviet soldier
 German soldiers question a captured Soviet soldier in Stalingrad

German soldier wounded russian woman
 Kindness in hell? A German soldiers tends to a wounded Russian girl in the ruins of Stalingrad

A German soldier fires at the Soviet position in Stalingrad

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